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Igentia is a corporate name and the web visible part of a European work team achievements. This team is mainly fueled by Guy Coslado's works upon Smart Metasearch Engines.

We do not provide any downloadable softwares but online applications to help our users to achieve their optimized Internet information survey strategy.

Our client companies will find Intranet online applications as well to propagate the surveys results through their company Intranet facility.

Igentia solutions emphasize the following key points:

  • Internet noise reduction.
  • Early Internet information discovery.
  • Information accuracy owing to customers and industry experts partnerships.
  • User friendly interfaces elaborated out of extensive usability testing.
  • Intuitive design to minimize training.
  • Extensive on-line help and wizards to maximize results.
  • Cost efficient pricing to provide an excellent return on investment.
  • Informative results to promote better investment decisions.

For pricing and additional information, please contact us via email using addresses shown below.

International VAT identification number: FR80 392 114 989 00016
Registered at the French National Companies Registry (INSEE)
# 392 114 989 00016

Sales, Development & Support
13, pl. 8 Mai 1945
Mérigny, France, F36220 EU



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