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Solutions for recurrent web requests with our agents technology

Beside the Predefined Agents Agency and the Shared Agents Agency, the Igentia project includes some commercial services, parts of our Agents technology.

My Agents Service, Private Agencies

This is the fully featured service.

This service is publicly open, see our offers .

When you subscribe to this service, you will create your personal private agency with its proprietary agents.

Generally your information agents will

  • apply your expertise onto the Web,
  • find the more relevant information available on your field,
  • filter it to show you only the relevant one.

There are different types of agents with different behaviors and you can go now to the Learn More page if you ignore what different types of agents can do for you .

If you want to join the testers team, contact with subject: My Agents Tests. with details on the agent you want to design.

Go to the My Agents Service information to learn what this service can do for you.

Custom Agents

When none of our types of agent can solve your needs we offer Tailoring and Adapting our Software Methodologies to meet your project needs.

This is the case when the project goals need:

  • Specific ways to find information sources
  • Specific ways to get information from sources
  • Specific ways to get specific data in retrieved information
  • Multiple interacting automous agents
  • Specific templates to meet reports requirements

With the Igentia technology prototyping of new design of agents is just adding a new brick, not building a full wall.

If this is the case contact with subject: Agent specs request.

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