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Predefined Agents

What is called Agents at Igentia?

Igentia manages many agencies dedicated to alerting upon changes on Web contents.

An Agent is a piece of software, part of an agency. An agent will alert the subscriber when any new information is present on a series of sites whose object is a matter of interest for the subscriber.

What does the subscriber get?

The subscriber receives emails. These emails are informative pieces of work.

Being a professional in a certain field you certainly want to be aware of evolution, changes, inventions, news, hoaxes, gossips ... To help you to achieve this goal you receive emails informing you that a change has come in your field.

Once you are aware of this evolution it is up to you to focus on it or discard it.

What are Predefined Agents at Igentia?

Predefined Agents are robots monitoring WWW pages. They analyze them and decide whether they are relevant to the subscriber's need or not.

To perform this task, Predefined Agents need:

  • Web Sources Information
  • Specific keywords
  • Refinement expected by the subscriber

What's behind the scene?

Our agents are designed to automate recurrent searches and requests all around the World Wide Web.

Our Predefined Agents are made publicly available to any subscriber. These agents have been defined and designed by experts in the field who have accepted to share their knowledge and make it available for the subscribers.

Most of the experts are editors of a set of agents. They maintain web information sources on various topics such as software security, biotechnology news ...

Once designed by these experts, Igentia robots take the lead and observe the Web 24 hours a day all around the world to detect any change or any new relevant information they can grab.

These robots are very sophisticated pieces of software. They have been designed and built by Igentia. Robots can be aware of simple pages defined by their URL or they can find concealed sources of information using the complex metasearch engines they include.

These sophisticated engines are able to refine the search up to drastically minimize the background noise. Therefore only relevant information is presented to the subscriber.


What are the benefits of Predefined Agents?

The main benefit of using our Predefined Agents is that they will become your time saving partners.

By constantly scanning the Internet for you, you are aware of the opportunities without the effort of searching the web pages yourself. This partner is costless as this service is free of charges.

The counterpart is that sometimes you won't find among the Predefined Agents the one exactly in harmony with your field or domain or need.

In this case you'll have to build your own agent. This is a free service too. It is available at our My Agents Service.

Convinced or decided?

If you are, look out! Once you'll use the Agent that exactly feeds your needs, you'll be addicted to it and there will be no return to the old painful ways of scanning the web!

You can try one today. Just fill the Predefined Agents subscription form and enjoy a Predefined Agent partner for free.

There are no guarantees upon our free services.

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