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By now two main services are opened :

Predefined Agents Service
This service is to be used to understand how our Information Agents work, and the kind of features they include. To get more information about it you need to read the Predefined Agents Service information page. Each agent has been designed by an expert in a specific field. He has been using the Shared Agents Service to create it. No complex settings are needed before using our Predefined Agents Service. You will just need to select what you're interested in in a list:

Shared Agents Service
If you are an expert in a specific field and wish to create and share a couple of specific Information Agents with others (and of course have already acquired a knowledge of the features of the system!), go to the Shared Agents Service information page to become an Agent Editor. With this service, you'll create and design new Information Agents that will increase the Predefined Agents services available to subscribers.

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