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Shared Agents Service
What are agents at Igentia?

If you're not aware of what we mean by Agents at Igentia, please start by reading our Predefined Agents Service information page.

What does the concept Shared Agents hold?:

A Shared Agent is an agent created and defined by a Shared Agent Editor . This agent is added to the Predefined Agents Service list, and made available to any subscriber.

To be a Shared Agents Editor?:

Being a user of a Predefined Agent you wish to create a new one, more directly related to your domain of expertise. You become a Shared Agents Editor.

You, then have to go through the process described below.

Once your agent is built and tested you publish it and make it available to the community of subscribers. You are known as its author, and are kept informed when new subscribers arrive.

By making this gift to the community, you have acquire a credit which is valid for One Private Agent. With this credit you can create an agent which will be for your eyes only. With it, you can use and display all of your know how in a domain of your expertise. Only you may subscribe to this service! This is part of the My Personal Agent Service .


What are the prerequisites to subscribe?:

  • A good knowledge on a specific field
  • A valid email address
  • A subscription ID

... And some basic knowledge on:

  • What's an URL.
  • How to make queries or requests to search engines.
  • What's a search engine.
  • What are the good keywords expressing the field of the survey.

If you have an account already, just click on the "Your Account" menu item.

Agents Setup
This service allows you to create and define one Shared Agent. Once your agent has been created and the service tested and activated, you'll receive information emails upon the conditions selected in the agent description form.

Here is the panel where the agents are defined and tested.

Once you have fully validated your agent,

  • You are known as the author of the agent,
  • You have to publish this agent to make it available in the Predefined Agents Service.
  • You receive a bond and can use it in the Private Agent Section.

Main Agent setup features and limitations

Locator: In this field ,you can define 50 URLs or Sources Localization Expressions, manually or by uploading a bookmark.

Bookmark: You can upload a bookmark which is a file on your system.

Keywords: Enter here an unlimited number of keywords. They will be used to select relevant information and paragraphs. This is used to limit the broadcast of new data among the survey to the ones in which the keywords match. When there is no match, no mail is sent. When this field is left blank, mail is sent each time a text is new, regardless of its content.

Frequency: Defines the frequency of Web crawling and the schedule of email sending.

Agent Type: Limited to the 'Knews' type. This type of agent notifies when user predefined keywords are found in new paragraphs only.

Convinced or decided?

Fill our Shared Agents subscription form with your Subscription ID and follow the intructions .

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