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Subscription ID

Usually if you don't have any authorization code to subscribe to a specific service where you should need one, you have to go to our public Offers Page. From there you can choose among the offers the one fitting your needs. No subscription ID will be asked in this case.

Why a Subscription ID is needed?

There are many reasons to this.

Our site has public and restricted areas. Restricted areas are dedicated to privileged users and partners.

Specific offer or agreement

The first reason is that the service is ruled by a specific offer or agreement.

If your company signed a partnership agreement to use our services, the authorization code will allow access only to the personnel of your company.

If you wish to participate to a working group on a specific agent, please send a mail to with subject: working group for new agent type.

If you wish to create a sharable agent send a mail to with subject: sharable agent.

If you wish a customized agent send a mail to with subject: Customized agent.

Incremental services activation

All services described on this site are fully operational but not all of them are fully documented so far.

Agents services do not structurally need a subscription ID. Nonetheless sometimes you'll be asked to provide one . Why is that so?

It is because the service wizard has not been installed everywhere. Therefore, to operate the service, some specific knowledge is required. This knowledge has not been documented yet.

To avoid any frustrating experience to new comers with undocumented features, we block access to these services by asking for a subscription ID.

These services are available to trained users having a subscription ID.

Once a service has been fully documented and the wizard has been set, and it is considered as painless to beginners we drop the Subscription ID request, and you won't need it to register.

How to get a Subscription ID ?

On mailing lists and on request

To begin with, some Subscription IDs will be published on mailing lists known to be used by senior users or trained people on similar technologies.

If you consider you have a sufficient level of understanding to easily grab the hidden details behind the scene, or if you wish to become a beta tester you can ask for a subscription ID by sending an email to: with subject:Subscription Id Request. Please mention the service you want to test, and add a brief description of your project.

You'll receive a guideline to start up the minimal service, or information how to begin with a template using data you'd provide in your email.

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